There are two ways of purchasing one of our instruments. 1.) You are welcome to try an instrument for a full 7 days in any setting you want. We'll ship you the instrument of your choice, carefully packed and we'll pay $50 of the outgoing shipment if the instrument is $4000 or more. Like it? Send us a check (2% discount) or have us use your credit card, send us back the shipping case and the instrument is yours. Decide against it? Call us, we’ll talk you through repacking it, then send it back to us. 2.) You can purchase an instrument online (3% discount). Send us a check (another 2% discount) or give us a credit card number and we’ll send you the instrument and pay $50 toward the shipping cost if the price is $4000 or more.

Please note. Once you have purchased an instrument, you have two options with us if you decide at any later date that it doesn’t fit your needs. 1.) You can trade it back to us and receive your full purchase price (provided the instrument is in similar condition to when it was purchased) toward an instrument of greater value, or 2.) You may send it back to us and we will sell it for you on consignment with 20% commission.

Shipping Options.

The easiest (for you) and safest way to ship you a cello is in our special shipping cases. When you receive it, take the cello out and it’s basically ready to play. The case, of course, will need to be shipped back to us whether or not you purchase the cello.

If you do an online purchase, and also purchase a case, we can send it to you in that case and no return shipment will be necessary.

Purchasing Online

You may purchase a cello from us without a trial period if you wish and we will discount the price 3%. This means the sale is final and any returns will be for exchange or store credit only. Many people have done this and all have been very pleased with what they received.

Returning an Instrument

If you decide not to purchase a cello, we ask that you return it to us in a timely manner. If the instrument is not on its way back to us after 15 days, a late fee of 10% of the instrument cost, up to $100.00, will be charged.

Contact us for more information.

Old instrument Guarantee

Existing repairs on all older instruments are guaranteed for as long as you own the instrument

(Violin & viola - $2000+) (Cello - $3000+).

One year guarantee on instruments of lesser cost.

Purchasing A Case

If you purchase any cello from us, you are welcome to purchase any hard case you would like at our sholesale price. That means a saving of up to 60% from a retail store price. We can help recommend cases for you if you are not sure, but if you know the case you want we will get it for you at our cost.

All instruments from our shop are professionally set-up, play tested and carefully shipped for trial or sale.